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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scarf Promenade and Announcing a Serious Sale!

I've been keeping an eye on style trends, and have noticed scarves appearing with increasing frequency on television commercials and in sales circulars.  Fall is the best season to wear them, too!  It's no coincidence that the last page of the latest Woman's Day magazine was instructions on how to tie a scarf.

Because of all this, I created this collection to show off a small handful of what I have in my Artfire shop, and just announced a coupon for 25% off your scarf order (no minimums) with the coupon code 1265QU-SCARFSEPT2011.  Use it by the end of the month to take one fourth off the price of the scarf.

Shipping has also been reduced on all of these (I found a way to cut some costs without cutting quality), and I have especially discounted my secondary shipping, which means it costs less to get two scarves together than it does to order them individually.

I hope to see you in my store in the next ten days!  In the meantime, enjoy this eye-candy.

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