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Saturday, December 28, 2013

After Christmas Sale!

Christmas has come and gone, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Now that we are approaching the end of the year, I'm sure that all of you are looking forward at the new year ahead of us, and making plans and resolutions. I hope it will be a year of good things for all of you!

I have decided to kick off the new year with a sale! It is officially marked on items in the artwork and home decor section of my Etsy store, but I have been doing some markdowns in other stores as well.

 When the USPS raises their shipping rates again in January, these items will probably be more significantly affected than some of the other sections of the store (because they tend to be heavier). That seems like a good incentive to buy now, before they end up costing you more (and while you can benefit from the sale price as well).

Here are some highlights from the sale (while supplies last!):
These Morgantown blown glass "patio lights" from the Federal pattern are greatly discounted!  Made in the 50s, these pieces have a peacock blue color and a clear, bell ring because they are leaded glass.
This extremely rare (possibly one of a kind!) Jeanette Iris and Herringbone pattern metal bowl is very deeply discounted, about $85 off. My research uncovered one example each of solid metal bowls like this, in other Jeanette patterns, although there is no record of glass companies making metal bowls at all! It must be some kind of salesman sample or mockup, made of an unknown pitted and worn metal. Follow the link to read more about it!
Did you wish you had a more stylish carry-on than a ratty backpack during your holiday travels this season? Here is an affordable powder blue American Tourister bag from the early 80s. It is quite roomy, but fits perfectly into an overhead bin!
Looking for something to dress up the room for spring? How about this framed butterfly needlepoint tapestry, probably from the 50s or 60s.
And now for one of the "less advertised" sales. This pretty set of Metlox Red Rooster pattern salt and pepper shakers has been marked down AND set for free US shipping (all other shipping destinations have discounted shipping rates, as well).
This dueling pistol cologne bottle from Avon has received a lot of attention lately. Nope, it is not a gun at all! Leave a comment and get a discount on your purchase!
If you intend to do some entertaining in the coming year (or finish decorating a room), I have 2 of these white divided serving dishes from Fire King. They are from the 50s-era "Golden Shell" pattern (you should see the back!) and are edged in real gold. Leave a comment, get a discount!
Here is another lovely vintage plate in untouched condition. It was made in postwar Japan, and seems to have been part of a rare pattern from a company named Jyoto. I have marked it down 20%! It is well worth a closer look.
I just marked down this attractive pair of metal wall chargers from England, made in the medieval style. They are now 20% off!
This lovely Daher lithographed metal tray is also 20% off. Lovely piece to decorate a wall, but can also be used as a serving tray or catch-all tray in your home.

There are many more things than this on sale right now. I hope you'll stop by before the year-end sale ends. Follow the links and go exploring!

Friday, December 13, 2013

More Last Minute Gifts--Party Edition

We are getting steadily closer to those last-minute online shopping deadlines...but we're not there yet!  Just in case you didn't read my last post, here are the "last days for Christmas delivery" again:

US Standard Post (for heavy things; read my listings) ends Tomorrow 12/14 

US First Class (for lighter things; read listings) ends next Friday, 12/20

International customers and US customers ordering late on these dates should contact me first about faster holiday shipping rates!

So, with no further ado, here are some great party themed gift ideas (or maybe things you need to throw the best party ever!).
If you're in love with the 50s/60s, here is a cool stainless steel cream and sugar set from Arnart. Great for serving all kinds of condiments, not just the usual thing, and that stainless steel really reflects the holiday lights!

Ships standard. Talk to me about expedited shipping or order it for New Years!
Bring some cheer to the holiday with this Kissing Santa and Mrs. Claus platter

It is possible to ship it faster than Standard (in which case you can order it as late as Dec. 21 if you do it early in the day).  I'd love to get it to you for the holidays!
Volunteer to bring the chutney or the dip? That's what this handy-dandy self-sealing Christmas crock was made for. 

Can ship as late as Dec. 21 if you pay for Priority mail; otherwise, ships standard post.
This lovely Partridge in a pear tree scarf has a festive air about it. It would also look fabulous framed on a wall or displayed under a piece of Plexiglas on a party table, if you decide not to wear it!

Ships first class!
Check out your reflection in this shiny silver Gorham punch bowl from the 50s

Yes, it ships standard post, so order now, contact me about express shipping, or consider buying for New Years Eve!

Are you handy with a needle? There is still time to whip up this evening gown from Lauren Hutton (fits size 8), or perhaps my other evening dress patterns will do (see them here, various sizes). Steal all of the attention at the Christmas or New Years Eve party!

All patterns ship first class.
Not into sewing, but you are going to a formal affair this season? Throw on an elegant scarf like this Ginnie Johansen number--red jewels, gold chain, on black silk. You'll look fabulous!

Ships first class!

 Be the sharpest-looking fellow at the party with this 50s silk Madmen era necktie from Wembley.

Ships First class!
Finally, add some pizazz to your holiday ensemble with this little pearl and rhinestone pin.

I'm watching my stores, ready to ship your orders when they come in, so you don't have to stress. Come and see me! :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is right around the corner, and naturally, customers have begun to worry that they won't get their gifts in time. No need to worry. I am keeping an eye on the clock and I know the postal service's shipping cutoff dates!

For international orders, the last day to ship your order for Christmas is tomorrow, December 9th!  After that, it gets more expensive than you probably want to mess with. If I find your order too late, I'll rush it out, but I can't make any promises. Don't delay!

For US customers, the dates to watch are December 14th for most heavy packages (marked "Standard Post" in the listing), and December 20th for all of my lighter packages (Marked "US First Class").

So, let's get shopping!
 Christmas Bells hankie/pocket square. the print on this scarf plays with the eyes like a holographic image. Ships as late as Dec. 20th (or earlier, of course).
Not your ho-hum holiday tie. Flashy red and black skinny tie from the 60s. Can ship as late as Dec. 20th.
Dress up your wreaths, swags, or whatever with this Partridge and Pear ribbon. I have 2 spools in different widths. This image is the narrow one. Can ship as late as Dec. 20th.
Alternatively, dress up yourself with this Partridge and Pear Tree scarf from the 60s! Can ship as late as Dec. 20th.
Here's a classy Fire King serving dish from the 50s, with real gold trim! Got a big holiday crew to feed? I have 2! Order 1 or both and I can ship as late as Dec. 14th, or later by arrangement (if you want to pay Priority shipping rates, it can ship as late as Dec. 21st).
My last set of these traditional ribbon candy ornaments. Set of 4. Can ship as late as Dec. 20!
Precious Moments Pomander. Can be used as an ornament.  Can ship as late as Dec. 20th (or pay Priority shipping and ship as late as Dec. 21st).

Putting the finishing touches on your holiday decor? These vintage Currier and Ives plaques will look wonderful on your wall! Hangers attached to the back and ready to go. Can ship as late as Dec. 14th, or later by arrangement (if you want to pay Priority shipping rates, it can ship as late as Dec. 21st).
Decorate with this snow angels candle holder from the Little Miracles collection. It is a Russ Berrie product. The heads and wings have glass "sugaring" on them. Can ship as late as Dec. 14th, or later by arrangement (if you want to pay Priority shipping rates, it can ship as late as Dec. 21st).
Need personalization? Make this initial pin kit (on the left) in a few minutes. Can ship as late as Dec. 20th.
Want to make some memories with the older kids in the upcoming year? This book about making miniatures might be fun!

I also have a book about wooden toy model making, and one about miniature embroidery.

These are currently marked media mail, but I can upgrade to Standard post and ship as late as Dec. 14th.
 Of course, there are always my pom pom animal ornaments, like this friendly lion, or the ever-popular poodles. Please give me a day or two to make yours, especially if you order 3 or more. They're all made to order!  Can ship as late as Dec. 20th (so order by Dec. 18th).

Many more to come! Keep an eye on my stores. I'm always happy to help you make the season bright!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Savings Start Now at CandyAppleCrafts! Here's a Coupon...

Just for kicks, take 20% off orders over $20 on both Etsy and Artfire, using the code TNX20 on either site. Better hurry! Code only lasts until Sunday the 24th!

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thinking of Thanksgiving Decorations?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but the warmth of harvest colors and themes of plenty are the kind of thing I'd like to keep around all year. If you are in the market for something special this year, you should drop by, but don't wait too long. As of writing this, I can ship these anywhere in the US in time for Thanksgiving, but that window is closing. Please allow 10 postal days, based on the postal service recommendations.

The perfect mug for hot coffee on Thanksgiving morning.
When you get everyone gathered around the table, you can entertain both kids and adults alike with this vintage centerpiece set! The individual squirrels are candlestick holders.
Gravy, anyone?  

By the way, I have two of these sets, for anyone expecting big crowds! Here is the other one.
And speaking of condiments servers, how about this really nice duo server. Its smaller size is perfect for cranberry sauce, relish, or other toppings. Each lid has a notch for the spoon.

Here's a way to keep that old time feeling around the Thanksgiving table; these souvenir shakers are from Colonial Williamsburg. They are done in the classic cream and treacle brown that was popular in the early days of America.
No matter what you are eating, don't forget to be thankful! The pies can cool nicely on this iron and tile trivet from the 70s.
And you can eat pie off of these "Leaf O'Gold" dishes!
After-dinner snacking? Yup, I've got that covered with this vintage chip and dip bowl. It has the recipe for blue cheese spread right in the bowl!

Come on over and shop with me. I'd love to work with you. Don't forget to have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I've Been Listing...

Since last time I posted, I have taken literally hundreds of photos of merchandise, and I'm not finished yet. Some of the stuff I featured in the last blog, and some more that I have acquired since then, is already available for purchase. It may go quickly, so you'd better check it out soon, if you're interested!
Victorian Carolers Christmas card, circa 1940s. Unused!
Twisted Three Strand Pearl Necklace. These are genuine cultured white "rice" pearls.

Wales China teacup also for sale, here.
Two birds of paradise, made of feathers and paint. These were 40s/50s Mexico souvenirs. Even the carved frames are handmade.
 Shepherd Boy and Lamb at Bethlehem. Cards from the 40s. Unused!

ETA: This card has sold out!
W. and R. Berrie figurine, circa 1968.
Needlework in Miniature, complete with charted patterns, circa 1978.

I also have a miniature crochet book here, and a general reference book about designing and making miniatures here.

This book has patterns and instructions for making working wooden toys like bomber planes, trains, and more. Circa 1986.
Thames bone china, perhaps from the 50s.
Rodney Kent tulip design hammered aluminum casserole with glass liner, circa 1950s or earlier (some were made as early as the 30s).

Hope you'll stop by and shop! I've got more listings planned for this week. :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vintage Haul at the End of October

I recently thumbed through my unlisted vintage merchandise, and realized that I needed a little variety for the next few I went vintage shopping!

Here is a preview of my "haul." I don't usually post things like this. Between working 3 jobs and finding boxes to ship things in, I can sometimes seem tediously slow about getting things listed and available to customers (sorry). However, if you see something in this post that you really, really want for Christmas, go ahead and lay on the pressure. The squeakiest wheel gets the grease around here.

I decided to break from my pattern and share with you today, because I think I found some pretty awesome things. I hope you'll agree!

Here's pretty much the whole "take" for the past two weeks. There were a couple of other things I had to leave out because they wouldn't fit in the photo or they had already been listed, but I'll share them at the end of the post.

The eras range pretty wildly here, from the turn of the century to the 80s, but I tend to gravitate toward things that predate the 80s.

The most intriguing thing is the little dry sink on the left side of the picture. Early research indicates that it is a salesman's sample or child-sized piece of furniture. It has a working drawer and a large compartment in the bottom behind the two doors, with a swivel latch to keep it closed. The knobs are made of milk glass. I think it may be the oldest thing I brought home. Specimens like it seem to date to the turn of the century or maybe the 20s. I think I've seen something like this on Antiques Roadshow before.

The other piece of furniture you see is a small house-shaped curio shelf. I have sold two other curio shelves over the years, including one really large house-shaped shelf. They are popular for the miniature collectors especially, since the slots could almost serve as "rooms" to display tiny furniture and dolls. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to that if you have another collection you'd like to display.  I think this is probably from the 80s. I filled it with the jewelry I picked up recently.

There were two "looper looms" from the 60s or 70s that I bought just for the nostalgia of the things. Everything from the packaging to the instructions is super retro and might bring back some childhood memories. I owned a later version of these when I was young, but mine was all plastic and the hook broke (these have metal parts).

Last weekend, I picked up a couple of beautiful teacups from a lady whose mother had collected them for years. I haven't done enough research yet to be able to estimate age yet. They have labels, though, and that will help me learn more about them. I should be able to list them soon.

The plate next to them is a souvenir plate from Germany, showing a map of the Rhineland. I don't know much about that one either, but it seems to be Bavarian, based on the china markings on the back.

I'm sure you've noticed the large numbers of unused vintage cards on the table. These all came from one old stationery box I picked up. It was like opening a time capsule; the cards on the top came from the 70s, and as I removed the layers, I got down to several that look like they came from the 40s and 50s. Some had not even been folded in half yet, like the 50s-era Christmas cards in this photo.

I also found a clear plastic sewing box (shown in the back), several small pieces of 70s-80s jewelry, and two men's skinny ties from the 50s. One of the ties is embroidered with pine trees and parachutes. There must be a story there! The other tie is a sharp looking red and black geometric number. There was also a 70s-era Berrie figurine and a large Christmas metal platter with a 60s/early 70s Santa and Mrs. Claus that I just had to bring it home! Sorry, I forgot to get closeups of some of these.

Finally, I found three intriguing works of art I thought my customers might like (or at least I found them interesting). One is a galleried print of a pink flower, with a limited edition number and the artist's signature on the front and on the back. It looks a bit like a linocut to me, but it would have to be made from four different blocks that had been inked separately and fitted together like puzzle pieces. I though the colors and textures were simple but striking, so I picked it up. It may or may not be vintage (it depends on what I'm able to find out about it).

The other two are a really rocker-looking heart shaped set of prints, which seem to almost move as you look at them, due to some funny tricks with the color registration (how the colors line up). They are both four-color prints, and they have completely illegible artist signatures. They seem to be inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, but I don't think he made them (the signature does not match what I was able to find online). I have not removed them from the frames to figure out what kind of prints they are. If you recognize these artists, I'd love to hear from you!

Well, I've spent enough time bragging about my "haul," so I'm going to sign off and go find some boxes. :)

What piqued your interest the most? What would you like to see listed first?  Of course, what can you tell me about the things I have here?  I'd love to hear from you!