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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning...More for Shoppers

It's that time of year again, when people take stock of what they want to accomplish during the summer months, and declutter, reorganize, and redecorate their spaces.

I've been going through my vintage stock and my craft room and making a lot of plans for some changes in my stores--the first being a plan to dramatically increase my inventory in all of my stores by the end of the summer.

I was recently inspired by an article someone sent me to read, that spoke of turning loose of craft supplies that I'm not using, so that someone else can enjoy them.  I'm one of those people who tries a lot of different kinds of crafts, but sometimes gives up on them after I've bought the supplies.  Yeah, I bet a lot of people are thinking, "I must be that kind of person, too."  Not a problem! Now you know you're normal, right?

Anyway, once I've bought the supplies, I feel guilty about quitting. I end up hanging on to them, when I could be making another crafter happy instead. In order to keep good stuff from languishing any longer, I've gathered some of it up and I've started listing it, today. It seemed like a good time, since people will likely be thinking ahead to "Christmas in July" craft bazaar sales and craft shows during the summer, and they might even be stocking up for projects for the holidays.  If you do those sorts of things, stop by. I've already got a bit of crochet and embroidery stock available in my Etsy store.

Taking stock of my craft supplies caused me to rediscover my jewelry making supplies, and I've made several pieces of jewelry this week.  I'm listing what I've made on Artfire.  Hope you'll take a look.  It's a small selection, so far, but I am adding more to the store as I go.

Reorganizing my craft area made me think about how many other great vintage things I have, but have not listed yet.  Recent customers have told me how they had combed the internet for days until they finally discovered what I had. It is time to make those treasures available to all of you! I've listed vintage glass and pottery, and even some cool home decor like this music box, which plays the "Laura" theme song from Dr. Zhivago while the flowers rotate under the glass dome. If you are looking for something specifically, I hope you'll let me know. The worst I could tell you is "no, I don't have it."  I won't be mean about it.

So, do you have the spring cleaning bug this time of year? If so, please share tips. I'd love to read them!