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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trend Watch: Vintage Industrial

A 3-hole punch from the 60s, in my Etsy shop
Vintage Industrial is a rising trend in interior decorating.  I would describe it as bringing in factory and industrial machinery elements into home decorating.

I am seeing a lot of old factory or office machinery in the trendy home decorating magazines and blogs.  Frequently it is displayed as art, like old rusty metal signs with peeling paint but a whole lot of character.  I've seen collections of old gears and bolts arranged as assembled art pieces, weathered wood elements and old printing letters, and black and white or sepia images of machine parts.

I don't tend to go with a lot of the latest trends, but sometimes I like this one.  A lot of the old machines had decorative embellishments that make good photographic subject matter, for instance.  I also really like the printer block idea because printmaking was the main focus of my art minor.

I spent a few minutes looking up some interesting articles online to exemplify the trend:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Summer Reading List, Vintage Style

I have been stocking my book section in my studio with a bunch of vintage hardback and paperback books in a pretty large range of prices.  Some of them are collectible books, but most of them are just the kind of thing a bibliophile might love.  Just thought I'd show you a small segment of them...there will be new ones in the shop very soon.

P.S. I hand-printed each of the bookmarks you see here. Buy them with a book and you won't be charged extra shipping for the bookmark. I just reduced the price on the bookmarks as well!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Collecting: Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Over the years, but particularly in the 40s and 50s, companies have made salt and pepper shakers that did more than distribute our favorite condiments.  These were art forms.  They ranged from funny animals and cute children, to abstract colorful shapes, to elegant touches on a formal dinner table.

I gave a pair of postwar Japanese novelty salt and pepper shakers to my cousin and his wife when they got married.  The shakers were shaped like children dressed in wedding clothes.  They were seated and when you set them next to each other, the groom was kissing the bride on the cheek.  The original bench they sat on was missing, so I made one with the wedding date on the back.  I wish I had a photo to share.

Apple Halves.  Together...
Separated. Cute, right?
Since then, I have been the most interested in the informal novelty shakers, especially the humorous ones.  In my opinion, the cute ones like the little bride and groom are the most desirable for collectors.  They just have boatloads of personality.  Sometimes they even serve as historical documents of their era. 

I have purchased a few sets, but I'm frequently reminded of the ones that got away, like a set I once found of two squirrels (salt and pepper) that hung from a tree.  Absolutely adorable!

If you are interested in collecting salt and pepper shakers, I have a few in my Artfire shop.  Here are a few other links you might want to check out:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Featured on Indie Smile

Just thought I'd hop over here to let you know that Rebecca at RaigeCreations contacted me to tell me she had featured my watermelon salt and pepper shakers in an article on !

Here's the link:

It's a short and sweet post about nostalgia and some vintage products that reminded her of childhood summer memories.  My photo is in the lead slideshow, which will show it off for several weeks.  If you don't see it, navigate out to the main page and take a look.

I remember eating watermelon and spitting the seeds, whether it was ladylike or not.  I also figured out how to squeeze the wet seeds to shoot them all over the place...inside my grandparent's screened sun porch!  Of course, my grandad got me started on that project.

A light sprinkling of salt on a slice of home-grown watermelon is perfect on a hot summer day.  Mmm!  Sweet summer memories.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Candy Apple Crafts' photostream

Treasure Craft Brown BowlMetlox Poppytrail Red Rooster Salt and Pepper ShakersRed and Navy Paisley Silk Hankie Draped PictureRed White and Blue ScarfTan and Red Paisley HandkerchiefOakton Wool Necktie
Trifari PinOval Textured Goldtone PinSilver Rhinestone Bow BroochMint Green Calvin Klein ScarfEvan Picone Earthtone ScarfWatercolor Floral Pink Chiffon Scarf
Lemons and Daisies Wall HangingWatermelon Salt and Pepper ShakersNautical Flag ScarfLemon Lime Chiffon Silk ScarfKilncraft Lion MugJapanese Blue Amphora Bud Vase
Gray Bashful MouseGorham Silver BowlGoldtone Medieval Tavern Scene ChargersFire King White Glass Sorbet DishDuck Decoy BoxDeVanna Aviator Style Watch

Just thought I'd share that I am on Flickr!

Gifts for Dads and Grads

Most graduations are over, but the new graduates would still welcome gifts and well-wishes.  At the same time, Father's Day is coming up really soon.  I thought I'd put together a quick collection of my own items that meet these needs, and already two of the items have sold.  To meet the apparent demand, I have added a bunch more man-appropriate items, like a vintage wool necktie, to my studio. Hope you'll drop in to look at all the new things!