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Monday, June 20, 2011

Collecting: Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Over the years, but particularly in the 40s and 50s, companies have made salt and pepper shakers that did more than distribute our favorite condiments.  These were art forms.  They ranged from funny animals and cute children, to abstract colorful shapes, to elegant touches on a formal dinner table.

I gave a pair of postwar Japanese novelty salt and pepper shakers to my cousin and his wife when they got married.  The shakers were shaped like children dressed in wedding clothes.  They were seated and when you set them next to each other, the groom was kissing the bride on the cheek.  The original bench they sat on was missing, so I made one with the wedding date on the back.  I wish I had a photo to share.

Apple Halves.  Together...
Separated. Cute, right?
Since then, I have been the most interested in the informal novelty shakers, especially the humorous ones.  In my opinion, the cute ones like the little bride and groom are the most desirable for collectors.  They just have boatloads of personality.  Sometimes they even serve as historical documents of their era. 

I have purchased a few sets, but I'm frequently reminded of the ones that got away, like a set I once found of two squirrels (salt and pepper) that hung from a tree.  Absolutely adorable!

If you are interested in collecting salt and pepper shakers, I have a few in my Artfire shop.  Here are a few other links you might want to check out:

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