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Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring is Coming Soon!

My year kicked off with some bad news on the home front, which explains my long silence here on the blog. To fill in my blog readers, back in January, my dog suddenly fell ill and had to be put down due to a type of canine cancer called hemangio sarcoma.  Obviously, it's going to take some time to recover from that. I still miss him a lot.

Now spring is slowly starting to show itself in my part of the country, and it's bringing new beginnings along with it.  I think I need that.

I've been stocking my stores with brightly-colored vintage, and some of it is selling as fast as I can list it.  I've been doing some "spring cleaning" around here, as well.  That means lowering prices where I can, reassessing shipping costs, and even reconsidering which items are in which stores.  Now is a good time to snag some fun stuff!

Get this one here
Two of my stores (Artfire and Etsy) have taken on a decidedly kid-friendly, brightly colored retro feel, which I think I intend to develop throughout the year.  I really hope to get back into crafting new animals for you all, as well as listing new vintage regularly.

Currently, I've got a lot of new children's patterns up on Artfire, such as this one, which makes sleeping clothes for toddler size 1.  It's from the 70s (and so are most of my other patterns).

Find it here
I've also stocked things like this little Enesco duck figurine over in my Etsy store.

Really, I'm going for all the color I can get over there, getting ready for the Easter season and summer, after that. I hope you'll come and see what I've got.  I'm trying to shift my Etsy store to offerings exclusively from the 40s through the 70s, to go along with the theme of my pom pom poodles and other animals. It's looking great already!

Hope to hear from you soon.  It's going to be a bright year. I just know it.