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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pinterest and Procrastination

Well, I've been busy around here and thought I'd drop in for an update. I just mailed my first vintage scarf to France, and I'm thinking about opening up a few more things for France, such as my poodles.

I made a prototype the other day. It looked kinda like a snake that had swallowed a bunch of softballs. It was supposed to be a bookworm, lol. I gave up on it and haven't made myself get back in the saddle this week. I'm tagging this post "philosophy of crafting" because I think that is my philosophy in practice: Try really hard, give up for awhile, and try really hard again.

The shops don't always show a lot of new activity where the public can see it, but I do check them constantly and do a lot of tweaking behind the scenes. For instance, you might not have noticed yet, but I've been brightening a lot of old pictures and adding watermarks to try to increase my advertising through Google images. It appears that image searches are driving a lot of traffic to my Artfire shop right now. For instance, I fixed up this picture of "Leaf o'Gold" dishes from Taylor Smith and Taylor (they're from the 50s).

I also spend my days writing a novel; blogging (unfortunately not enough on this blog); visiting with others, including my dog; enjoying the pretty flowers in my yard; and cooking.  Yup, it's boring stuff for a blog post, but that's my life.

Oh, and I'm also wasting plenty of time on Pinterest now. Are you? If you are, just look up my store name to find my Pinterest boards. I've been posting a lot of vintage inspiration there, such as travel posters and nostalgia from the 30s, 40s, and 50s.  You might like it!

Well, that's enough for now. I'm off to check the photos I took earlier so I can get five new vintage scarves ready for listing. Hope you love them!