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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Defiant, Persistent Spring!

This has possibly been one of the most brutal winters in several decades in the US. In fact, even as I write this, the air outside my window is below freezing, and there is snow on the ground. My area usually gets rain in March, and lots of wind, so what is with this weather?

Nevertheless, spring is coming! The robins are back in my neighborhood, the crocuses have sprouted, and I keep seeing flocks of geese flying north again. I am so ready for those warmer temperatures and greener landscapes!

I've been restocking my stores this week with bright and pastel colors, for those desperate for some sunshine and flowers. I know how you feel!

I listed this beautiful floral chiffon scarf a few weeks ago. It has already been favorited by 25 people on Etsy and pinned a few times on Pinterest--good signs I won't have it for long!
I recently acquired several solid colored chiffon scarves in spring colors. Chiffon is breezy for the warmer temps, and transitions well into the summer and fall. This light olive green scarf is very long and rectangular, with opaque stripes and sheer panels that virtually disappear against your skin! Makes me think of erin go bragh and St. Patrick's Day, as well.
This little  Royal Grafton demitasse cup and saucer will brighten your day! Could you believe it dates to the late 1950s? I love that orange color on the cup.
If you're still not cheered, maybe the little boy on this plaque can manage it (or his little mouse and bird friends).
Or perhaps the little boy on this plaque can brighten up your nursery room, when the spring rain comes.
This little duck figurine will put you in a good mood about spring rain, as well.
 With spring rains comes Easter, and new baby animals! I have some real wild bunnies living in my back yard, but this pink lead crystal one is pretty cute, too.
Of course, all of this spring talk makes me think of Bambi. Isn't this all-white Art Deco doe and fawn statue pretty? It is from Gallery Originals, which as it turns out, is a limited-edition division of Avon products.
If all of this spring talk has got you hankering for some green leaves and flowers, you could consider growing some, indoors, in a planter like this gorgeous Hull pheasant planter!

Well, that's enough for today. I need to get back to listing some more springtime beauties...after all, I hear another snowstorm is moving into my area today...


  1. Hope Spring makes it there for all of you soon! The scarf is gorgeous!

  2. Perfect post to get me through the last throes of winter! :)


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