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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Kind of Wedding!

Like many all over the globe, I stayed up to watch the royal wedding.  In my time zone, it started at 2 am. and ended at 8 am.!  I didn't do it because I have any dreams of becoming a princess someday, and I didn't watch because I have any particular interest in European royal families.

I guess I was watching because I was curious about the setting and the whole mood and sense of the wedding, from the order of the ceremony, to the bridal party's style of dress, to the hats the guests wore.  It wasn't anything remotely similar to my own personal experience.  In fact, I may never even get to visit London in my lifetime.

I decided to make a collection of my own items in honor of the royal wedding, and all the other royal weddings that will be taking place all over the world this time of year.  After all, isn't every bride a bit like a princess at her own wedding?


  1. Lovely collection! I didn't stay up to watch but it is like somewhat of a fairy tale isn't it!

  2. Yeah. It was definitely not like anything I'd ever seen before. Nobody wears hats in my part of the world, so even that part was like a fairy tale. The acoustics were great in the church, as well!

  3. I wondered the same things! Didn't get to see the wedding tho!


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