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Friday, April 22, 2011

Major Trends, According to Elle Decor

I got my latest copy of Elle Decor magazine a little while ago, but I forgot to log on here and talk about it.

The magazine is mostly photos and full-page advertisements of designer rooms and tchotchkes to achieve the style in your own home.  I won't cover all of the magazine (obviously), but I thought I'd show three samples to illustrate some of the main trends, which I saw repeated in almost infinite variation throughout the magazine.  My comments are drawn in red on the photos.
Textile trends.  See them on clothes, rugs, furniture, and more.
This next page seems to hit most of the trends at once.  It really works together, too.
I dub thee, "Globe Trotter" trendy!

Here's a new one I hadn't heard of before: the tropical trend.  I had heard that tropical colors like yellow, orange, chartreuse, and honeysuckle pink were really sought-after for summer wardrobes.  I like the fresh look, and all the great textures.  The exciting thing (for me, anyway) is that I can make this trend with my printmaking skills, especially those bright fruits at the top of the page.  Their examples are so cool!  I want some!
Sweet and bright colors!

I'll be back here soon with something else interesting to share. 


  1. Glad to see Southwestern prints trending for decor - definitely one of my favorites! The tropical prints look really interesting too. Found your blog through ArtFire and am now following! :)

  2. Thanks for joining! I remember seeing your jewelry in the forums. Nice!

    I like the Southwestern prints as well, as long as they are not overdone. They are meant to be the dominant pattern in a room. I think they go really well with the Mission/Craftsman style of furniture that is my personal favorite.

    Thanks for commenting! :)


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