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Monday, June 11, 2012

A One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater

I've been trying to step up my game when it comes to pom pom creatures and the like.  A couple of days ago, Mom started humming the Sheb Wooley tune about a Purple People Eater, and she suggested I make the creature.  I polled my facebook audience, who gave me the green light, and this is what I came up with!

 Here he is, in progress. You can see some washers on my worktable. I had to glue some inside the feet to keep him from falling over.  The holes in his clarinet like horn are drawn with paint, and I decided to put them on both sides of the horn, so you can see them from the back as well. After all, it's an alien!

You can also see uncut felt which I used in the project, a failed purple horn (the white shows up much better in my opinion), and just over my hand there is a messed-up poodle on the table, which I keep there to cheer me on, I suppose. :)

Don't worry. According to this song, the purple people eater is just here to play music on tv.  He only eats purple people, anyway, so I'm pretty sure you are safe!

I only made the one purple people eater (or at least my best representation of the song lyrics), and I put him here, in my Etsy shop.  You can go there to see more pictures of him, if you'd like!

 Meanwhile, here's the original artist, singing the song to a puppet (I can't see the puppet very well, though), way back in 1958.

Enjoy the 50s nostalgia!

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