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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Contest Winner Pictures!

I thought I'd hop on over here to show you the prize for the first Menagerie Contest Giveaway.  The tip was "A Cute Bunny."  I hope I have accomplished that with this one.  I was going for something not so "Easter," since one of my other entries was an Easter Bunny.  I want to be fair, and also I want my work to be the kind of thing a person could display year-round if desired.

This was a very labor-intensive idea, mainly because of the legs, which had to be sculpted out of flat sheets of felt. I also had to trim the pom poms to make it look less "lumpy."  Of all the things I have made, this is the closest I have come to true sculpture, using construction techniques inspired by the little figures used in 60s animated specials like Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  I actually saw a few of those movie production figures on the Antiques Roadshow awhile ago.

 Because of the labor intensity, I am wondering if I will ever put one in my shop. I could do these, but can't produce them on the scale of my poodles.  This bunny would be costly compared to my other ones.  Would you buy a bunny that is about one to two inches tall, and priced at around $20 to $25?

Let me know in the comments. Otherwise, It's back to the drawing board to find a more mass-marketable bunny. :)  Thanks for reading!

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