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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Artfire Patron Discount, Contest Update, and More!

Just popping in here to update everyone on a few things going on in my stores.  The title of this post doesn't cover everything, so keep reading!

First off, this past week, Artfire rolled out the new Patron Discount program.  If you are a signed-in buyer, you will see discounted prices in stores that have opted-in. These discounts are only available to people who have an account with Artfire, and they are invisible to everybody else.  For instance, here's what signed-in customers would see if they came to my store:
If you aren't a registered buyer at Artfire, it is easy to sign-up.  You don't have much information to fill out, and voila!  You can even sign in with your Facebook account.  Here's what the log-in page looks like on Artfire:
This is only one of the two discounts available in my store on Artfire.  In addition to this new Patron Discount, there is also a small discount for leaving a comment on an item!  Just look for the comment form at the bottom of each item page.  You can only cash in on the discount for four hours after you leave the comment.  It is a smaller discount than the Patron one, but it's something!

Now for the Menagerie Contest Update...

I have continued to receive entries for the contest, and currently have 11 entries.  Most have come from Facebook.  All of you Twitter users better get busy!  Let me emphasize the basic rules again:
  • Got an idea for a pom pom or felt creature you'd like to see me make?  You could win it!
  • Tweet your entry @CandyApplCrafts and tag it #MenagerieContest  in case I somehow miss it.
  • Write your entry on my Facebook fanpage wall.  You can click on the Facebook module to the right, here on the blog, to go there.
  • Yes, you can post the same idea on both Facebook and Twitter at the same time.  Just don't post it more than once on these accounts, in one day.  Theoretically, you could post your idea twice a day, once on each site, every day until the end of the contest.  This would increase your chances of winning, too!
  • Contest entries end 10 p.m. US Central Time, March 3, 2012.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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