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Friday, January 27, 2012

Announcing: Room to Create Sale

JcPenny's recently announced that they are tired of sending out circulars and running constant coupon sales, so they have decided to lower their baseline price on everything in their stores and have done with it.  Taking a page from their book, I'm having a vintage sale in my stores, but there won't be any coupon codes to enter or anything like that.

Why am I doing this? Frankly, my house is not a warehouse, and it's getting a little crowded in here. I need some room to create. I need some more storage space.  My pom pom collection is multiplying like Star Trek tribbles.  Yeah.  All of that.

On Etsy, vintage prices have already been significantly reduced.  On Artfire, expect the rollout to be more gradual, since I have 243 items (as of writing this) to adjust, and that is taking awhile.

Now, for two very important things shoppers might want to know:
  • Please note that I have small, lightweight items marked with free (to the US) or very reduced (to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK) secondary shipping.  This is the shipping charged for the second thing if you buy two.  I wish it were possible to note on the items themselves that for many of them, I could probably manage to fit three or more of such items in the same package without raising the shipping price more than a penny or two. Maybe not at all (weight-metered mail is silly this way).  However, if you bought 3 or more, the checkout process on the site would probably automatically overcharge you on shipping. If you'd like to buy an armload of something, please contact me and I can bundle the items and get you an accurate (not an estimated) shipping price. If the order is big enough, I might even give you an extra discount on the items, just to say thank you. You might be amazed about how much I can save you this way.
  • All shipping prices reflect US postal service rates, plus about $0.60 for the cost of the box and the packing around your items, and a few drops of gasoline that get used up to take your box to the post office.  If you think they are too high, please, please write your Congressman or the Postmaster General and beg on behalf of online retailers for something about this to change.
If you read this blog and decide to buy from me, I will throw a small party in your honor. Unfortunately, you won't be able to personally attend. ;)  I can promise you that I will dance and sing your package all the way to the post office for you, and when you get it and open it, I hope you will start dancing and singing for joy as well.

Thank you, as always, for being a fan of CandyAppleCrafts and Sweet Old Things!  Please visit again soon.

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