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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vintage TV Shows, Part 1

Rosie, Hazel & HaroldLately, I have been watching a lot of old television shows I had never seen in reruns before, including Hazel, Father Knows Best, and The Burns and Allen Show.  Besides studying the old-fashioned values in these shows, I've been paying a lot of attention to the props and backgrounds.

Whitney Blake & Don DeForeIt isn't often that I get to say, "Hey, I have one of those!"  but occasionally I do.  Other times, I just recognize things my grandmother owned, from thin round couch pillows with a big button in the middle, to seafoam green mixing bowls.  I haven't found picture frames like the ones in the background of the above screenshot, but I do have some old landscapes  from that era.

How about that old banjo clock in this photo?  The drum lampshade is also back in style right now in ultramodern decorating, usually in a pale or earthtones color scheme.  Back in the days of Hazel, the color scheme had lots of earthy browns and greens, with bright splashes of robin's egg blue and coral pink.

By the way, check out Whitney Blake's clothing!  She was always dressed to the 9's in slender pencil skirts, belted sweaters, and flashy colors, all of which I have seen echoed in modern runway fashion.  I have a sweater that is styled like the one in this screenshot; mine is a cadet blue, but I imagine hers was red or green in this Christmas episode.  I wonder when the narrow ties like "Mr. B"  is wearing will be coming back?

Do you ever watch the backgrounds in old tv shows and movies?

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