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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Sale!

In many places, people are celebrating Boxing Day, a holiday that was originally a way of acknowledging and thanking the hired help for their service. These days, there are frequently sales taking place on this day. This year, I decided to give that a try!

I have established "After Christmas Sale" sections in my stores.

Etsy Markdowns

Prices on Etsy already reflect the markdowns. Some things were marked down 10%, some 15%, some 20%, some with free shipping, and some with free shipping plus 20% off!

Markdowns include items from practically every other section in my store, including books, wall art, and some Christmas ornaments. This "veggie" cutting board shaped wall hanging is currently on sale for about $8.

I hope you will go and browse. There are some good deals to be had.

Markdowns on Artfire

On Artfire, I have a similar markdown section. Here, I have activated coupons, which expire January 5th, and have marked several things with free shipping already.  The scarves (such as the one below) and many of the lightweight items in the section are eligible for a 30% off coupon, while the rest are eligible for the 20% off coupon.

Sales on eCrater

At present, I don't have any markdowns set up on eCrater, but if there is something you really want a discount for, please just ask. I'm pretty open to reasonable offers over there, because I am trying to get established on that venue.

Sale Ends January 5th

This sale, and all applicable coupons and markdowns, is going away the weekend after New Years Day, January 5th.  After that, prices will be returning to pre-Christmas levels, and some items in the category may be removed from the stores and either listed elsewhere, or taken offline permanently. 

I will be adding new inventory as well, while the sale is going on, and may be adding more items to the sale categories (especially if things are selling quickly).  Check out what I have, ask questions if you have any, and visit often!  I'd love to have your business this season.

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