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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Cutest Handmade Christmas Ornaments!

I popped over here to my blog this morning and realized that I hadn't updated you on my Christmas ornament stock.  I have another couple of designs in the works as we speak, but meanwhile, I wanted to show all the pictures of my creations here, for your enjoyment.

Pic is Clickable
This embroidered ornament was made from a kit, but I have all the materials to make more of them, and I can add a date or other short commemorative inscription to the edges.  It is currently available on Artfire in this form, but custom orders are welcome--just make them soon!

 The poodles are now available for purchase on both my Etsy and Artfire shops.  Follow the links to see closer images and pricing.  Since they've been selling so well, several of them are currently made-to-order (the ones I had on hand have sold).

Pic is Clickable
 I also have several Christmas elves, which I've sold several years in a row, in my Artfire shop only.  I am not planning to make more elves, because the pattern I invented is very complex, and defies simplification, making them too time-consuming to make much of a profit.  But, enough of the business person talk!  I still have several sets to choose from, including one all-female set of three, and the traffic is picking up on them.  Better hurry!

Pic is Clickable
Next up, my Christmas mice couples. They are handmade, too, down to the black whiskers made out of buttonhole twist, the hand-braided white tails, and the hand-sewn skirt and other elements in their outfits.  You'll have to check out my Artfire shop to find these, too.

Pic is Clickable
Last but not least, I have just recently made available a felt mushroom ornament in my Etsy shop.  The white spots are all hand-cut and applied to the cap, the red felt is hand-stitched to the white felt, and it all hangs by a wire loop I inserted through the cap.  This is one of my first forays into the 70s era in the design.  The mushroom appeared on everything from dishes to clothing during that decade.

By the way, if you're eying any of these and thinking, "I probably can't afford it," you might be surprised to know that each of these ornaments, individually and in sets, are available for less than $10 USD!  Shipping is low, as well, since they are small and designed to be lightweight.

There is a surge in international sales going on right now, because it takes much longer for people in places like Australia, Canada, and Great Britain to receive packages in time for the holidays.  I've mailed two international packages in the past week.  Whether or not you are a United States resident, I'd like to hear from you.  Come and visit!

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