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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring into Spring!

On Artfire, you are allowed to put together collections of just your items, for promotional purposes.  I thought that, since I have over 160 items for sale in my Artfire studio right now, it might be good to put together a spring-themed collection.  These, and many more, are all available for sale right now.  All the images are hyperlinked, so if you click on them, you can go read the listing, check out price and shipping options, and more.

By the way, I have noticed that I have fans in quite a few countries, but I have only a few countries listed in my shipping rates.  I think I need to spend some time calculating some more rates.  If you want something displayed here, don't hesitate to contact me, either in the private contact link in my studio, or here in the comments section of my blog.  I can look into rates, country import rules (some things are not allowed in to certain countries), etc.

If you want anything in time for Easter, act quickly.  If you are not from the United States, it may already be too late to ship something in time for that holiday.  U.S. customers have a little while longer, but for heavier items, I don't recommend waiting too long either.  Parcel post is the cheapest rate I can quote you, and it can take up to 13 days to arrive, depending on how swamped the post office is, and how far from me you live.

Without further ado...

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